"Jeremy is very kind and makes you feel at ease. He will listen and do his best to capture the photos you are looking for." 
- Andrea M.
Hello! Welcome to our site. Here is a bit of our story behind Jeremy Davis Photography.
I first started with photography way back in the early 90s. I was working for my dad as a Private Investigator, and I would take pictures of smashed up cars and bumps and bruises. Sounds exciting, right? I wasn’t very good at it, and it was back in the 35mm film days. So, I had to wait a day to have pictures developed just to see how bad I was. But, dad helped me, and he also spun up a wedding photography business. I watched him learn and grow and thought maybe someday I would have the skills for photography too.
Fast forward to more current times...I now have a nice digital SLR with some good equipment to aid in my learning. Digital gives me instant feedback, so that’s a wonderful tool. Inspired by wanting to take good pictures of our kids and their sporting events, I dove in in 2017.
The really cool thing about this art and this business is that I’m always learning - new technical skills, posing ideas, and developing an eye for what will make a great shot. This keeps it very fresh and exciting for me. And, my dad has evolved his photography business over the years too, so I’m always learning from him...Such a great way to stay connected.
2018 was the launch of this new adventure. I look forward to capturing images and art and putting my all into delivering beautiful portraiture!  Contact us today so we can discuss booking a session for you and/or your family very soon.
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